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Brainwavz S5 Review

2014-08-30 15.43.13

There are questions, and then there are questions that you get asked constantly. And so today, I have the new Brainwavz S5 with me, and I’m wondering if there is truly going to be a new answer to the age old question of what unit people should buy. Find out my answer to this question in the review!

NEW FiiO E11K Announcement Page

fiio E11K

This is FiiO’s newest unit, and I am stoked to introduce it to you all! Check out this thread for more information!


Nuforce NE-700M Review


NuForce has always been one of THE companies in headphone audio that you look for for amps and other such accessories. But their decision to dip into the IEM market has been met by many with curiosity. Can they perform? 



Colorfly C4 Pro Review

Colorfly ptr

The C4 Pro is the current flagship from audiophile brand Colorfly. It packs some of the industry’s fanciest gizmos and gadgets, and comes in at around $799 USD. Read on to find out more.